mizuno_youko (mizuno_youko) wrote,

Doujinshi scan: Hayate x Blade

Hakuchou, a Hayate x Blade doujinshi by UKOZ (Nishi Uko and Houjou Koz). Worksafe. Japanese.
Please spread it around!

I've also uploaded the full-size, uncleaned scans in case anybody needs them.

I am still taking scan requests. As always, please make the requests in the first post so they'll all be together.

I'm still working on the following requests:
Hayate x Blade Double Dragon Kyuushiro
Hayate x Blade UKOZ Juuichinin Iru!

If anyone is interested in helping me clean scans, leave a comment and let me know! That's the most time-consuming part of scanning for me.
Tags: scans, yuri and other f/f
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