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A bit of bad news from Fujieda Miyabi's blog [Jul. 9th, 2010|07:34 am]

There will be no chapter of Amber Teahouse in the next issue of Yuri Hime.

(There was also no chapter of Twinkle Saber Nova in this month's issue of REX, but I don't know anyone who reads that one in the magazine.)
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Yuri Hime S to be combined with Yuri Hime [Jun. 17th, 2010|07:10 am]

Yuri Hime S volume 13 came out today. According to Yuri na Hibi, there was an announcement there stating that volume 14 will be the last issue of the magazine; after that, it will be combined with Yuri Hime (which, you may know, is going bimonthly--one issue every two months--sometime in the future).
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Yuri and yuri-ish titles from a legit manga rental site [Jun. 9th, 2010|06:51 pm]

Renta is one of many legit Japanese manga ebook sites, but I'm mentioning it in particular because it has an English-language interface.

The following titles may be of interest to yuri fans:
12 Days (OEL manga)
Bathroom Guuwa (the yuri in this is minimal, but hey, Okazaki Mari)
Hands Off My Girl
Happy-Go-Lucky Days
Onii-sama E
Papaya Gundan
Princess Knight (an early RoV-esque manga)
Rontai Baby (another delinquent girl manga from Takaguchi Satosumi, the creator of Hana no Asuka-gumi!)
The Rose of Versailles
Secret Garden (the one by Egawa Hiromi and Amagatsu Toriko)
Steady Beat (OEL manga)
Taiyou ga Ochitekuru (mostly het, with a bit of yuri; it's from the creator of Haru yo, Koi)

Has anyone tried any of the other Japanese ebook sites? The only one I've used so far is Manga01, for Real Bian. I generally prefer to just buy hard copies, but digital has its advantages, like no shipping fees and not needing to find a place to put it.
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Marimite manga has resumed in Japan [May. 22nd, 2010|04:37 pm]

When I first heard this news, I thought it might be an April Fool's joke, but apparently it is true! According to Yuri na Hibi, Nagasawa Satoru's manga adaptation of Konno Oyuki's novel series Maria-sama ga Miteru has resumed in The Margaret.
The series initially stopped at eight volumes, but has resumed with the "Cherry Blossom" arc (when Noriko comes to Lillian; it was the first Marimite story way back when).
You can also see confirmation at the magazine's website.
First the live-action movie, and now a continuation of the manga adaptation! And let's not forget the English DVD box set of season 4 that is due out in July. Marimite is getting a lot of love these days!
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Yuri Hime to go bimonthly [Apr. 17th, 2010|06:39 pm]

It looks like Yuri Hime is going to start coming out once every two months instead of once every three months. There's apparently a news blurb on it in the latest issue, and a couple of artists have mentioned it on their blogs.
Fujieda Miyabi says that it will probably happen after issue 22, but I haven't seen a concrete number/date anywhere else.
Anyway, good news! I'm curious to see if they'll be taking on a lot of new talent or just getting more frequent contributions from the regulars. (Or a mix of both.)
I'm glad to hear that the magazine is selling well enough for this!
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A bit of bad news from Nangoku Banana's blog [Mar. 11th, 2010|07:07 am]

There will be no chapter of Mononoke Girls' Academy in the April issue of Yuri Hime. It should return in the July issue (though there are only two chapters left in the story, so it will still be ending this year).
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Doujinshi scan: Sailor Moon [Mar. 6th, 2010|12:35 pm]
[Tags|, , ]

Girls 2, a Sailor Moon doujinshi by Herb Mint Club (Kiyohara Meina). Not worksafe. Raw.
Please spread it around!

See here (scroll down) for more Sailor Moon doujinshi scans.
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Doujinshi list updated [Mar. 2nd, 2010|01:40 pm]
[Tags|, , , ]

I've updated the doujinshi scan request list.
Notably, Marimite books by Penpen-Gusa Club and Sucharaka Honpo, some original books (by circles like a pear tree, Seiten Hikou, UKOZ, and Sakuraike), a couple more Star Trek books (TNG and DS9 yaoi), and a number of other parody books for various series.

All requests have been filled, so feel free to make some more even if you already got one. Please continue to make them on the first post, though, so they're all together.
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Doujinshi scan: Hayate x Blade [Jan. 26th, 2010|10:29 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Tenchi no Hoshi 7, a Hayate x Blade doujinshi by UKOZ. Raw. Please spread it around!

Scans of Tenchi no Hoshi 3. I don't have 1-2 or 4-6.

If you like their work, they have stories in Yuri Monogatari 5 and 6 too. Also, see here for a The Secret Stairs doujinshi by them and here for an original doujinshi by them.

I think that's the last of the requests. I should be updating the doujinshi list with some new stuff sometime in the next couple of weeks. If there are no more requests, I'll probably just scan HarukaxMichiru books with other things sprinkled in once in a while.
As always, please make the requests in the first post so they'll all be together.
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Morinaga Milk to draw pinup for Yuri Hime 20 [Jan. 16th, 2010|08:39 am]

According to Yuri na Hibi, Morinaga Milk is slated to draw a pin-up for Yuri Hime 20, due out on April 17th.
This could be an isolated thing, or it could mean there's a possibility she might return to the magazine for real someday. I guess we'll see.
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